What is kinops?

kinops is a team base coordination and automation hosted solution to help your company be more efficient and effective by being able to place, track, and respond to requests quickly and easily.

kinops is made up of various kapps all working together to provide you with a never-drop, never-fail system of work to help your teams get things done.

By providing a fall-back assignment and approval for kapp, space, and system levels, no task every ends up as an error deep in the system consoles. The tasks are always assigned to the fall-back with a message in them about why they were assigned there so that the issue that caused the fall-back routing can be addressed.

By providing a robust set of adhoc tasking features, kinops users don’t have to resort to undocumented/undocumentable methods to complete tasks that may not have been explicitly defined in the process but are necessary to complete the task they have been assigned. This includes the ability to create teams/tasks for Vendors and invite external people (Vendors or other) to discussions.

kinops empowers users by allowing them to follow the process of and reach out about in progress requests with My Requests. Users can also copy existing requests to new, saving time for requests they repeat. If a user does call a service desk about their ticket, though, kinops does allow the service desk visibility into their activity by name or confirmation ID with the Submission Support Console.

kinops also empower teams by allowing them to see the history of their submissions in ways that allow them to continue to improve, perhaps by updating their process or perhaps by isolating the steps in their process that are currently problematic to meeting their SLA or OLA regularly.