What is Manage Form and why can I see it?

When you are a member of a team, when viewing the team, you will see a “Manage Form” button on that team’s services. This allows access to the Process Explorer, which gives team members access to a view of the service that promotes process improvement.


This button takes you to a view that lists out the submissions for that request with some basic information about the service, such as its description and the last time it was updated.

There is a way to begin a discussion on the service. This can be very important. This is a helpful place to record/keep track of known issues with the service or requests for enhancement that have been submitted in preparation for updates. It is also a place for the team to discuss possible release planning for the item or any number of topics.

The list of submissions displayed allows for drill down. Each submission will display a view similar to that available in submission support, but with more information (because the team has access to the data). At the bottom of the screen is the actual submitted field/value pairs. Above that, the submission activity that the customer would see is listed in table format. Next, above that, is possibly the most important component, the process used. A team can look for consistent patterns of adhoc tasks used to fulfill this item to improve the process and perhaps give this item a custom workflow that better suits its actual process.