How to Create a Team


In order to create Team directly, you must have the permission of “Space Admin” on your user record.


  1. Go to/Open the Teams kapp for your kinops Space.
  2. Click “Create Team”. This will then display the New Team page.
  3. If this is going to be a second or third level team, select the direct parent team. Otherwise, for top level teams, this can be left blank.
  4. Enter the desired team name.
  5. If this team is not going to be used for assignment in Queue, you will want to update the Assignable attribute, as that defaults to yes.Assignable
  6. Select an icon for that team by clicking on the icon field and selecting an icon from those displayed.
    Note that once selected, the name of the icon appears in the icon field, rather than the image.
  7. Click Save Team.
  8. The team will be created and you will be delivered to the team page. From here you can edit the team or add members.

The team is now created. You may want to update the owner team and the team assigned to services for services that should be theirs. You may want to create new services for this team.

You may also want to set up new queue tasks for this team. Specifically, you may want to clone the Case form and set the Owning Team to the newly created team so that members can create work items via the new button.