What is Submission Support?

Submission Support is a place for users with the Submission Support role to search for submissions by person or submission handle with the intention of being able to see/provide a status update on that record.

The entire record is not visible within Submission Support. When a submission is displayed,  the following elements are visible:

  • Request Title
  • Submission Handle
  • Submission Id
  • State
  • Time to Close (how long it took the request to close)
  • Created By and Created Time (time the record was created/saved as draft)
  • Submitted By and Submitted Time (time the record was submitted)
  • Updated By and Updated Time
  • Closed By and Closed Time
  • Fulfillment Process Steps:
    • Form & Submission Label
    • Assigned Team
    • Assigned User
    • Status
    • Due
    • Duration
  • Values of Kapp fields (fields that are consistent across all forms)
    • Requested By
    • Requested For
    • Status

This should empower the user with Submission Support to answer any questions about the status of the selected request.