I Received a Discussion Invite for My Request. What is This and Why am I Getting it?

So, you’ve received an email inviting you to a discussion about a request you submitted. It will have a big Join the Discussion button in it.


You will received this message because an approver/fulfiller needs to discuss something about your request with you. When you join the discussion, you will see the details of any discussion going on and have the ability to respond:


Discussions show you the full history of the conversation, allow you to reply, edit, attach files, and anything you could need.

  • Messages will appear with the oldest at the top.
  • To enter a message, just type in that entry line at the bottom of the screen and click Send.
  • To attach something, click on the paperclip.
  • To reply to a specific message, hover over that message and click on the reply icon (arrow pointing to the left).