How to Copy an Existing Request to Make a New, Practically Identical Request


  1. From the home page you can select Services from the Kapps menu on the left.
    Or from anywhere within kinops, Services can be selected from the menu in the upper left.
  2. This will take you to the Services page, which will display the 5 most recently updated requests on the lower left, with a link to the My Requests page. Those 5 recent requests can be clicked on directly. To get to other requests, click on “View All”.
  3.  The My Requests page defaults to All requests, sorted by updated date. There are options also for viewing Open, Closed, and Draft requests.
  4. To see the status of a request, click on “Activity Details” for that request.
  5. This will display the Activity for the request, including dates/times and the assignments for any tasks.
  6. One of the options on the page is “Clone as Draft.” This option will create a copy of the request, save it as a draft, and take you to it.