What is Advanced Management?

kinops comes with many features and functions already built. Some of them are full featured applications, like Queue, and some can be viewed like building blocks, such as the services offered. Advanced Management allows you access to advanced configuration portals and forms for both Kinetic Request and Kinetic Task, for when you are ready to build more advanced integration or automation than what is offered out of the box.


These will take you to the Kinetic Request CE and Kinetic Task consoles. Kinetic Request CE is what is used to create and manage the front end of your kinops space. The training guide for Kinetic Request CE is available on the Kinetic Data Community with solutions and other useful information for CE administrators and developers. Kinetic Task is the workflow engine behind your kinops space. The user guide and training guide for Kinetic Task are available on the Kinetic Data Community with solutions, handlers, and other useful information and downloads for Kinetic Task administrators and developers. Both tools also have a Help menu in the upper right that will take you to detailed information about the application, including API details.

Help Menu