What are Roles?

Roles are used to define permissions in kinops. The most basic role is Employee. An employee has permission to submit requests (Services) and work any tasks/approvals assigned to them (Queue). Here are the other roles that come with kinops:

  • Contractor: Users with this role are identified as contractors and given contractor permissions.
  • Data Admin: Users with this role are able to modify data within the Admin Kapp‘s Datastores.
  • Form Developer: Form developers are Users who are able to create and modify kinops forms
  • Submission Support: Users with this role have access to the Submission Support Console.
  • Task Developer: Users with this role have access to modify workflow in the task engine.
  • Vendor: Users with this role are identified as vendors and given vendor permissions.

There is also a system permission of Space Admin. This gives the person with this permission full administrative permission. A Space Admin can do whatever they would possibly need to in the space.

While Roles define permissions, Teams define assignment of work/tasks.