How to Create a User


In order to create Categories, you must have the permission of “Space Admin” on your user record. See this article for how to check if you have Space Admin rights.


  1. Go to the Admin Console
  2. Select Users
  3. From here, you have two options. You can click “Create User”
    or you can click the Clone button for an existing user.
    Cloning an existing user copies everything except the Username, Display Name, and Email for that user to a new user record.
  4. Complete the form presented. This form is divided into five sections, Basic User information, Profile Information and Attributes, User Attributes, Roles, and Teams.

The following fields define User information (bolded items required):

  • Username: Login name for the user (email)
  • Enabled: Checked by default. If unchecked the User may not log in.
  • Space Admin: Check to give Space Admin permissions to this User.
  • Display Name: Name displayed for this User.
  • Email: Used for the email notifications and for password reset.
  • Preferred Language: This is used if the translations and/or notifications are set up to process multiple languages.


The following fields define Profile Attributes:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Guided Tour: Used to configure which guided tour should be displayed. Valid Values: Welcome Tour, Services
  • Phone Number


The following fields define User Attributes:

  • Department: This is a place to list your department(s)
  • Manager: User’s manager.
  • Organization: This is a place to list your organization(s)
  • Site: This is a place to list the user’s site


Roles are listed as available checkboxes.


Teams are selected from a drop down.


After you have completed the necessary fields, click Save (or if needed, click cancel to back out any information).


The new User receives an email inviting them to your kinops Space.