How to Create or Update a Notification Template

Sometimes a service needs a customized Notification. Or perhaps you want to change the complete or create notification for all Services. Notifications are handled via the Notification Templates, which can be added to or updated at any time.


In order to update the notification settings, you must have the permission of “Space Admin” on your user record.


  1. Go to the Admin Console
  2. Select NotificationsAdminConsoleNotifications
  3. If you want to edit a Notification, click the blue pencil icon for that notification in the listing.
    If you want to create a new template, it is advised that you clone
    an existing template similar to the one you want to create. Otherwise, click Add Template at the top right.
    Note: The content you want to modify might be in a snippet. Also, if there is a common part of the message that isn’t already a snippet, consider creating a new one.
  4. Once you open the Notification Template form. The name of the notification should be unique and will be used to identify which notification is selected for the various services. The other text will all be part of the message. Note that one of the fields is an HTML message and should contain HTML content. There is no rich text editor for this because those place in what would probably be undesired additional tags when you save.
  5. When creating the subject, HTML content, and text content, you will want to populate variables from the system. Things like the Form Name or Submission Label or Requested For Name. These, as well as the defined snippets, are all available via the Dynamic Replacements feature. Simply put your cursor where you want the text, then select the text you want to be placed there from the Dynamic Replacements menus.