What Happens to a kinops Request when a User Clicks Submit?

You may wonder, what happens to a request once a user clicks submit? Where does it go?

For all standard services, they follow the default process. This means they may or may not have an approval as configured in the service’s settings. Once that approval is approved (if there is one), there is a task opened in queue for the team assigned in that service’s settings. That task may or may not open as many adhoc subtasks/approvals as desired, but when that original task is completed, the service is considered completed. Any new service created follows this workflow by default.

If another workflow is desired, it can be designed/set up. Employee On-boarding is an example of this. This workflow follows the same approval logic, but once past approval, there are three concurrent tasks created. One is assigned to HR, one to IT, and one to Facilities. To do this, this service leverages an attribute “Custom Workflow on Submitted” and has its own tree built in the workflow editor.