How to Create Custom Workflow for a Service

Sometimes, processes are simply more complex than one task to one group (such as the employee on-boarding service provided). In order to accommodate these processes, kinops allows you to create custom workflows for any service.


In order to update the form and create the custom workflow, you must have the roles of “form developer” and “task developer” on your user record.


  1. Go to the Admin Console for your kinops Space.

  2. Select “Management” from the Admin Console.

  3. Select the kapp you wish to update a form for by clicking on the kapp name.
  4. Select the form you wish to modify. Click the cog icon for that form.

  5. Select Workflow Options.

  6. There are two types of custom workflow you can add. The most common, and the type we will add in this example, is the “Submitted” workflow. The “Created” workflow runs when a record either goes onto page two or is saved. The “Submitted” workflow runs when a service is submitted.

  7. Now save the workflow options.

  8. You should now see an “Edit Workflow” option in the upper right. Click on this.

  9. This will take you to the workflow engine, Kinetic Task. Select the Submitted tree there. This is a clone of the default process created for you to modify for your item.

  10. Then click on the Builder icon.

  11. This will take you into the Kinetic Task Builder.


Full details about the builder are available on the Kinetic Data Community, but the essentials are the following:

  • Nodes in the tree represent handlers or routines, each performing an action (process/procedure)
  • The diagram to the left is your workflow. The list on the right are available handlers and routines. All the existing kinops handlers/routines are available for you to pull from.
  • You can drag and drop to move things (both nodes and both ends of the connectors)
  • You can double click on a node to see it’s inputs.
  • Connectors with words/labels have logic on them. This logic, as well as any logic inside the node inputs, is in ruby. Here is a reference for ruby operators, if logic, and more.
  • To troubleshoot your custom flow, you may need to work with Kinetic Task runs and errors. It would be best to review the full Kinetic Task Training Guide.