How to Change the Submission Created or Completed Notification for a Service


In order to update Form attributes, you must have the role of “Form Developer” on your user record.


  1. Go to the Admin Console for your kinops Space.MainMenuAdminConsole
  2. Select “Management” from the Admin Console.
  3. Select the kapp you wish to update a form for by clicking on the kapp name.Kapps
  4. Select the form you wish to modify. Click the cog icon for that form.FormsConfigSelect
  5. Select Workflow Options.FormOptionsWorkflow
  6. The Notifications are two drop downs, one for complete (when the processes are all complete) and one for create (when the submission is submitted). The Kapp/Space defaults are used if nothing is listed in the service.
    ServiceNotificationsIf you can’t find the notification you want, you may have to create a notification template.


  7. Scroll down to the bottom. Click “Update Workflow Options”.UpdateWorkflow