How to Change the Image on the Services page

The default image on the Services page may not be everyone’s choice:


This image is also used in some of the notifications by default. This image might not be desirable for all kinops customers. As such, this image is customizable.


  1. Go to the Admin Console
  2. Select Management
  3. Select Configure SpaceĀ ManagementConfigSpace
  4. An image can be selected from the Background Image drop down.
    Space ManagementImage
  5. Be sure to click “Update Display Options” once you have selected your desired image.
    Space ManagementSave
  6. If the desired image isn’t in the drop down, a new image can be added by clicking on “Add More Images” under the Background Image drop down.
    Space ManagementAddImages
  7. This will bring up the New Image form to allow upload of a new image.
  8. Once the new image is saved. Then return to step 1 and select the new image out of the list when you get to step 3.