How to Edit a Datastore


In order to create Datastores, you must have the permission of “Space Admin” on your user record. See this article for how to check if you have Space Admin rights.


  1. Go to/Open the Admin Console for your kinops Space.
  2. Select “Datastore” from the Admin Console.
  3. Select the gear to the right of the datastore that is to be edit.  This will open the datastore configuration menu.
    Note: if the datastore was just created you will be navigated to the configuration menu.
  4. Click the builder button in the upper right hand corner of the configuration menu.
  5. This will open the Form Builder Console.
    Note: This image has fields that have been modified from the original creation of the datastore.
  6. You can click/drag an item from the Content/Fields options over on the left over into the Questions section of the page, and then set its details (which will appear over on the right). For full details on the builder, see this section of our developer documentation for the Kinetic Request CE product.