How to Create a Datastore


In order to create Datastores, you must have the permission of “Space Admin” on your user record. See this article for how to check if you have Space Admin rights.


  1. Go to/Open the Admin Console for your kinops Space.
  2. Select “Datastore” from the Admin Console.Datastore(1)
  3. Click the Create Datastore button.
  4. Give the datastore a name and slug.
    -Optionally a description can be added.
    -The slug will auto populate based on the name given (only valid slug characters are allowed)
    -The slug does not have to match the name.
  5. If the bridge is already configure it can be selected from the dropdown.
    Selecting a bridge will create a bridge Model and Mappings for retrieving the datastore records later.
  6. Once the required fields are filled out the datastore can be created by clicking the Create button.


  • All datastores are created with default fields.
  • The default fields are:
    • Status (radio active/inactive)
    • Simple Input (text)
  • The Status field is required and should not be modified.
  • The Simple Input field is for templating and can be modified.